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This page was last updated Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 6:21 PM Pacific time (GMT -7:00)

 Directions for how to run a traceroute

We have someone that is on call for your support needs during hours that regular technical support is not available. Off-hours support is only available for direct customers of Advantagecom Networks and authorized contacts for those accounts.  It is available during hours not listed as regular support hours and on legal holidays.

There is a charge of $35 per incident for off-hours support, regardless of what day or hour it is used. It is in your best financial interest to only use off-hours support for emergencies that outweigh the cost of the service. You WILL be charged the off-hours support fee if you contact us and we respond. The off-hours support fee will not be charged if the problem is a crashed shared server or network outage that you didn't cause. If your colocated or dedicated server crashes and you need to use off-hours support, the off-hours support fee does apply. ALL other instances will incur the off-hours support fee.

Please use our normal support phone numbers during normally scheduled support hours. Please see our Contact Us page for phone numbers and extensions.

Also, please note that the information below on how to contact us during off-hours may change without notice. Please refer directly to this page to ensure you have the latest information. Please click "refresh" or "reload" on your browser. Thank you!

You can reach off-hours support by phone, SMS text, or email.  If you have given enough information for us to contact you, a technical support representative will be in contact with you shortly after being contacted.

If you would like to reach off-hours support by phone, you can dial 509-301-4932. In most cases, a live person will answer the call. However, if you reach voicemail, please leave a complete message including contact information, the best time to call, and a brief description of the problem. We will receive notification of any voicemail.

To reach off-hours support by SMS text, send your message to 509-301-4932. Please provide enough information for us to identify your account. Please use this method only if you can receive return SMS text messages. We may need to reach out to you for further contact details and/or sensitive information best sent by other means.

If your phone number is outside the US, please send an email instead. We will not make calls to international numbers due to high rates charged by cell phone companies for international calls. We can receive international calls without charge, though, so if you have an emergency and you're outside the US, you can still call us, but we just won't make any return calls.

If you would like to page us by email, use a return email address that you know is functional (i.e. something not at your malfunctioning domain or server), and follow the instructions below: 

  1. To access off-hours support by email, please email +15093014932@nospammers.ext and replace @nospammers.ext with (this is to prevent spam being sent to this email address and clogging up the system).  The message must be sent in plain text format with no images.  Do not use HTML formatting or RTF formatting.

  2. Carbon Copy (cc) your message to so that we can view the full text of the message if it is cut off by the cell phone messaging system. This also gives us a message to reply to if you need a response by email. If you don't follow this portion of the instructions, we may not be able to help you. The text message sent by the SMS gateway is truncated to 140 characters maximum. The email to has no such limit, which is why we require you CC

  3. If you are in the US and would like a phone call in response to your email, please include your complete phone number in the message. We reserve the right to respond by email rather than phone if you page us by email.

  4. In the first line of the body of the message, indicate which method of contact you would like our tech support representative to use when responding to the page and your name. Be brief. Please keep in mind that email may be delayed by email servers not under our control or network lines being down. This could delay the email being received or delay the response if you request a response by email. We reserve the right to respond by email rather than phone if you page us by email.

  5. In the email, please include the following additional information:
    • Domain name and IP address (if known).
    • A description of the problem, including any error message you get, what program is generating the error message, what usernames were involved, and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
    • Any other information you believe may help us help you.

Once the problem has been fixed, we will contact you to let you know that it has been fixed or if we don't have enough information to fix the problem, we'll contact you for additional information.

If you contact us to report a multi-customer affecting outage that we are already working on or have already resolved, we reserve the right to simply correct the outage without responding to your email or voicemail. Due to the extreme number of customers reporting problems during multi-customer affecting outages, it is not practical to reach out to each person individually. We'll post information about the outage and resolution at in the outages and maintenance section.


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