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Urchin web traffic analysis

If you care about your web site traffic, you need Urchin...
Urchin is a highly polished web statistics and reporting system. Urchin is superior to Webalizer or other statistics that usually come standard with a hosting account.   Most statistics programs only give you a "skin deep" look at how well your web site is doing and often amount to no more than a glorified counter with graphs. Urchin, on the other hand, can tell you such things as:

  • What search engines are sending traffic to my site?
  • Which keywords were used in the searches that led visitors to my site?
  • Which keywords resulted in the deepest visits to my site? (shows keyword effectiveness and relevance)
  • What paths do people take through my site?
  • Are they new or returning visitors?
  • Which pages are the top entrance and exit pages on my site?
  • How deep do people browse through my web site?
  • How much time do people spend at my web site?
  • For password protected sites, which users logged in the most and how much?
  • Which forms on my site receive the most submissions?
  • What sites and what pages within those sites have directed traffic to my site?
  • What browsers and operating systems do my visitors use?

Any of the above statistics can be viewed in any time scale you find useful - as fine grained as an hour or as broad as an annual report. You can drill down to any time frame that you define by entering a date range. Urchin also shows you the difference between unique visitors, pageviews, and hits.  It also shows you the exact amount of data your site has transferred in a specified time frame. In addition to the actual statistics, you are shown averages based on the time frame you select. This can give you an overall picture on how your site is doing.

Any self respecting web site owner that cares about traffic to his/her site should be gathering the above information.  Having information such as that is critical to making day to day decisions about web site design, web site content, web site promotions, and just about anything else you do with your web site.

Urchin demo
Want to know more or see a demo of Urchin in action? Click here to go to the Urchin web site.

Pricing and order info
Urchin is $2.95 a month per domain and a $15 setup fee per domain.

Urchin is available for OHP accounts.

Urchin is also available for domains on (Universal Pipe plans) and domains that reside on Cobalt RaQ4i servers.

To request that Urchin be enabled for one or more of your domains, please email .

For VPS accounts, we cannot license Urchin on a per-domain basis due to limitations of the software licensing model used by Urchin. You're welcome to lease a server license, however. It does reporting for up to 100 domains and is $75 per month.  Please contact our sales staff if you are interested in this option. If that won't work for you, contact our sales staff with your needs anyway.  If we get enough demand for it, we may be able to negotiate special licensing terms for our VPS customers.

We are an authorized reseller for Urchin as well.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy for your own server, please contact our sales staff.

Feel free to contact our sales staff. They are experts at helping you choose the hosting plan and options that best suit your needs. Contact them today!

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