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PerlShop setup instructions

  1. Download PerlShop by clicking here ( ). Save the file as perlshop.tar.gz .  Sometimes browsers will attempt to change the file extension or remove one of the dots.
  2. Upload PerlShop to your account via FTP in ***binary*** mode, not ASCII.  You'll want it in your root directory, so make sure you "cd /" or set "/" (without the quotes) as your remote login directory for FTP.  Need help with FTP?   See our FAQs page.
  3. Telnet into your server.  Change to the directory you put perlshop.tar.gz in and follow the installation directions found at .
  4. You'll probably want to use "pico" to edit PerlShop.cgi .  At a telnet prompt, type "pico filename" (without the quotes) where filename is the name of the file you want to edit from telnet.
  5. Our perl interpreter is located at /usr/bin/perl .
  6. We don't use 'CgiWrap'.
  7. Need help with unix commands?  See our FAQs page.


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